Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Procrastinate

I have always been a dawdler, just ask my Dad. It took me three hours to clean my room when I was young. The first hour I would sit on my bed thinking of a plan of action on what to clean first etc. The next hour I spent meandering around the house looking for the right tools i.e. dust rag, vacuum, can of pop etc. The next thirty minutes I sat and drank my pop and wondered what I would do after my room was clean. The last thirty minutes I would actually clean my room.
Life hasn't really changed. I still procrastinate, but I try to do it creatively. So here is a list of ways to procrastinate the inevitable housecleaning.
1. Write in your blog. One of the things you could write in your blog is about how to procrastinate.
2. Ponder about your youth. You could sit and think about a time when you were younger. Maybe think of the time when you needed to clean your room and it took you three hours.
3. Stare at the monitor. Sometimes you get writers block, this is a good time to practice your "stare at the monitor" techniques. I am almost a professional at it. My mouth is slightly opened and I have just the right amount of drool dripping down to my shirt.
4. Plan ahead. A well trained procrastinator will be able to utilize a full half hour to plan ahead, especially if the professional has a can of pop. Planning should only be done if the plans are for after the work that you are procrastinating.
5. Take a break. Sometimes we should all take a break from procrastinating. The best breaks involve looking for the right tools, such as dust rags, vacuums and another can of pop.
With these simple ways, anyone can be a dawdler like me. We should get together and have a Procrastinator Convention. I will make the plans, right after I find the right tools, drink my can of pop, think of a plan of action, stare at the monitor etc, etc, etc. But first, I really should get back to my housework, now where did I put that can of pop?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer's End

It is almost the end of summer vacation. Just because my kids have graduated and are out of the house doesn't mean I can't have a summer vacation! I have spent the majority of the summer on the beach sipping lemonade and getting foot massages from my cabana boy, Ricardo. Some dream, huh?
Back to reality. I have had a busy summer, but it has been fun! Here are some of the highlights:

1. Ice Cream Brick! Now that was funny. My hubby and I went up to girl's camp. We wanted to treat them to some ice cream. Did you know that if you put a slab of dry ice on top and the bottom of an ice cream bucket it will freeze it solid? We almost broke our scoop. And of course, the Stake President was there, we will never live it down.
2. Avatar at 1am. Here I am lying on a bunk bed at 1 am listening to 5 girls talk about bending, and I don't think they were talking about exercising. It was Youth Conference. I still am completely clueless about the subject.
3. Monkey poo, wizards and spies. Three Fun Fridays with the Cub Scouts. The First Friday we went to the zoo for Starry Safari. We were able to go into the monkey enclosure, and as the monkeys ran across the trees overhead, we were warned to watch out for falling monkey poo. The next Friday, was my Friday, and of course we did a Harry Potter theme, complete with wizard hats, wands and potions. And the last Friday was "When I grow up". For my time, we were spies. It wasn't easy, every once in awhile we had to hide under the tables or lay flat on the floor to avoid being captured by the bad guys. Too bad we didn't have our Invisibility Cloaks from the week before.
4. I do. A new friend moved into our ward and I was honored to be able to help plan her wedding.

With all of that, as well as cows, visits, meetings, and getting sick at the planetarium, my summer has been well packed with activities. So what next?
Next week starts up with regular Cub Scout den meetings, and teaching art to my genius minions.
Good bye Ricardo, I will see you next summer!