Sunday, March 14, 2010


My spell check is completely useless. It not only highlights my perfectly good Kellian words as misspelled, it does the same to everyday English words as well! I am utterly dismayed that technology can't recognize common everyday vocabulary. For example, here are a few words I use almost everyday:
Yowt?: This is what you yell to your hubby after his shower and before you turn on the washing machine. You need to make sure he is finished and out, or else he may receive a chilling surprise.
Moph: Which is usually followed by a sweet little kiss and a head bonk. My hubby says it every morning before he leaves for work. I usually reply "okay, have a good day at work, be a good boy, drive careful, don't get wet and don't eat raw boogers<--- my daughter added that last one"
Wahdanno: It is the most common answer given when asked for an opinion, i.e. questions I might ask my hubby: What do you want for dinner? wahdanno, What movie do you want to go see? wahdanno, What veggie do you want for Easter? Asparagus!!! Okay, not all answers are wahdanno.
Indahwae: What you call most dogs and some cats. Some people even call their kids by that name. As for my dog, it happens most when I am trying to get through a door, she is always Indahwae, because she just lays in the doorway completely oblivious to the large basket of laundry I am holding.
Jeet?: Followed by either of two responses; noju? or yaju? This is what is asked around mealtime to find out if you are going to dine alone or not.
All these, and more are very common English words. So it proves my point, my spell check is definitely useless. So until next blog... Moph.