Friday, April 10, 2009

A Little Hard Chair

Did you know it was my birthday last week? Yeppers, it sure was! It was a most wonderful day. I sat on a little hard wood chair leaning over a table that was in a corner of a room. I sat there for almost five hours. Don't worry, I wasn't alone. My daughter sat next to me the whole time. I bet you wish you were sitting on a hard chair next to me too. Confused? Let me start at the beginning of the day.
It was Wednesday, April 1st. My super hubby took the day off, so we had a lazy daisy morning. You know the kind, pj's slippers, and bed head. The only thing that broke the peace and quiet was the loud thud of me hitting the floor after fainting when my neighbor called and wished me Happy Birthday! I never realized he even knew when it was! Soon after brunch, I got my self motivated and cleaned and dressed for the day. My daughter showed up at noon and we got ready to go to the hard chair place. I told my hubby we would be back in an hour, and he started laughing hysterically. He knew us girls pretty well, especially if it involved a paint brush! So my daughter and I went to As You Wish, a pottery painting place! It was so much fun, I didn't even realize we were sitting that long. I wonder why sitting on padded pews for an hour at Church is more painful than five hours on a little hard chair? Hmmm.... I think that the shop must have been in one of those space time anomolies, for every second you are painting an hour of the real world passes by.
So, I painted a big plate. On the center part I drew a bunch of Doodlebirds and one little wiggler. On the rim I wrote "Eighteen doodlebirds and a worm" It turned out cute, see? *holds plate up to monitor*
When we finally did a warp drive jump out of the shop and made it home, the house was decorated with all sorts of fun farm animals and a big Happy Birthday banner. My hubby is such a sweety. The answering machine was flashing with all sorts of well wishing messages. One from my Visiting Teacher, one from the Relief Society president, and even one from my good friend's hubby who was on a business trip in Texas! I was hopping for a certain person to call, but that is okay. I think if I had anymore calls, my halo wouldn't fit on my head.
I finished my day with a dinner at Chili's and dessert at home. What a fun day.