Monday, March 9, 2009


When all else fails, make up a new word. That is my motto. Some of these words and phrases, because they have been used so often, are in the unofficial Kellyan Dictionary. Such as Keywhompiejawed. I am notorious at being keywhompiejawed.
Keywhompiejawed-something that is askew, tangled or just plain messed up. When I put on my seat belt, it is invariably keywhompiejawed, so I have to untangle it. When I write on non-lined paper, my writing gets all keywhompiejawed and you wind up reading the paper while standing on your head.
Most of my unique words and phrases come from my Dad. He was a goof. One of his favorite words was skedoolie. You know that one, when you write down on the calendar the things you have to do for the week? Common people pronounce it "schedule", silly them. The actual word is skedoolie, look it up in the unofficial Kellyan Dictionary.
My late brother added a few entries to the dictionary too. His most renowned phrase is Black Amulga. It is a condition I suffer from quite often and can be very contagious. Black Amulga is where all the iron in your body turns to lead in your rump. Outsiders call it laziness, but I much prefer to call it by its more scientifical name.
There are some newer words that are being considered for entry into the unofficial Kellyan Dictionary, such as Flazzoiter and Fluzzerwad. These words and a few others are being tested at this time by the Junior Society of Home Schooled Minions.
If you want to learn how to speak fluent Kellyanese, please contact me, and I will send you the skedoolie for the next class, unless I have Black Amulga. Thank you.