Thursday, July 16, 2009

Questions Answered

People have been coming up and asking me questions lately. So I think I will take a little time and answer some of the more serious questions.
Question number one:
Is Mushymushupointalotty in the Kellian Dictionary?
This question comes from one of my home school minions. She is such a genius! Mushymushupointalotty has not been properly defined as of yet. This is what we do know about it. It originates from the deep dark reaches of space. We found this out while studying the movie Flazzoiters in Space! We also know that it is a friend to the rare nocturnal bearacomb. I have had several minions draw this strange creature, nicknamed Mushmush. But I can't add it to my dictionary until I get a more precise picture that includes the anatomy of the creature as well as a well written thesis of its habits and habitats.
Question number two:
Who was the first George?
That is an easy one. A long long time ago, when my daughter was three years old (I was 26 years old) we did Joy School. In our group was a little boy named Justin. Justin had the energy of at least 300 flazzoiters! I think his switch was stuck on "Run Fast" because that was all he usually did. So often Justin would Run Fast into tables or walls. He would hit with a thud, smile and then Run Fast the other direction. He reminded my of George of the Jungle... watch out for that (fill in the blank)!! So I called him George. Well the other kids wanted to be called George too, and so my George legacy began. My daughter is now 21 and I am 29, (Funny how time works, my daughter must have shorter years than me?) and I have had hundreds of Georges.
Question number three:
How does it feel to be the Bishop's wife?
It feels just about the same as being married to the Second Counselor in the Bishopric, or the First Assistant in the High Priest's Group, or the Assistant Webelos leader, or any other of the many callings my hubby has had. I still have to clean up after him, cook his meals, save a place for him in the Harry Potter line... He is still the same ol' silly guy that I married.
Question number four:
Are you nuts?
This was asked just recently, by quite a few people.
Why yes I am and proud of it. There is nothing wrong with standing in line for 12 hours to see a movie, is there?