Friday, October 16, 2009

And so it starts

It is now official. It is the holidays. What makes it so official you ask? Because I just stowed away the big black box. In order to stow away the big black box, I first had to get out the other five big black boxes. And to get to the five big black boxes, I had to move a couch, open the drapes, rid the area of the giraffe infestation, and and get the step ladder. Yep, it is definitely the holidays, huh? I see you scratching your head with that puzzled look on your face. Okay, let me start at the beginning.
Back on April 1, 1964, in the town of Neenah Wisconsin a little red headed baby was born... maybe that is too far back.
It all started with a treasure hunt. I put on my boots and pith helmet, grabbed my flashlight and pitch fork and went exploring in the dense regions of the attached storage unit. (Known to most as the garage) After wrestling with the sleeping bags and various big hunks of metal, I found the treasure! An empty big black box! Those are very very rare!
Then, to the horror of all big black empty box collectors, I started to fill it. I put in all my knickknacks including the stone bird of happiness, most of my pictures, I even stuffed in that tatted doily from Great Aunt Norma.
I took that not so rare box upstairs. Now, all those who have never seen my upstairs, we have another storage unit... actually three storage units upstairs, but that is another story. In the storage unit known as the den, we put up ceiling to floor curtains four foot from the wall across one side of the room. We then made a nice little den out of the rest of the space including a couch!
I bet you can't guess what is behind the curtain? Wow you are good! It IS a big black filled box emporium! I moved the couch out of the way, opened the curtain, climbed the ladder and took out all five of the Halloween boxes which left me room to stow my big black box formerly known as rare empty box.
So Halloween is up, my knickknacks are put away until next year... You see? It is officially the holidays!
Now, what to do with the giraffe infestation?