Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Waiting. That's what we do. We wait in line for a movie, show, game etc. We wait for an eternity (maybe even longer) at a doctor's office. We wait in front of restrooms for our loved ones, if you ever want a good chuckle look in front of the little girl's room, those poor husbands with their fancy purses trying to look so manly. We wait for loved ones to get home from meetings. We even wait for information. So, what do we do while we are waiting? Here are some examples that work well for me.
1. Name each one of your fingers. Make sure they have first and last names. If available, draw little faces on your fingernails with a pencil. I have many times named my left little pinky finger Xerxes McQuerty. For fun, get some olives and/or bugles to make hats.
2. Invent a new language. Start at the beginning of the alphabet, lets say with the word Apple. Since an apple could be a FRuit, the name of a cOMPany, or part of an exprESSion (the apple of my eye) your new word for apple would be frompess. Try not to do this if you are tired, or mad because some of the new words might end up really messy. (Like the time I invented a new word for my husband... Papa, dOOfus, Pennypincher... yet another late night waiting up for him.)
3. Count how many different noises you can make with your mouth. At one time I counted 132, but had to stop when the doctor came in and wondered why my finger was in my mouth and I was drooling. To avoid getting a gaseous accusation, it is best to make sure you are alone while performing this waiting technique.
4. Try to find the hidden pictures on a textured wall. If you stare at a textured wall long enough, you will start to see different images appear. Sometimes they are simple... like a blob. But with much practice and determination, you will soon be seeing much more complex images such as puppy or maybe a chrysanthemum. Hopefully your wait time doesn't extend to discovering the collected works of Monet.
5. If all else fails, write a blog entry. If your lasagna is made and you are still waiting for your husband to get off work, you could write an interesting blog about waiting. You could describe a few of your multitude of techniques to keep yourself busy while waiting. For example, you could name each of your fingers...

We wait, that is what we do. Let me introduce you to Xerxes McQuerty.