Friday, January 22, 2010

My Castle

Every one's home is his/her castle, right? I know this to be true. In fact I live in a magical castle, just like Hogwart's from Harry Potter! Are you one of those people who say there is no such thing as magic? Some day you ought to come and explore my enchanted castle.
In Hogwarts, there is a secret room, the Room of Requirements aka as The Come and Go Room. I have one too! When you first walk into the front door om my house, the room magically transforms into a hall to the kitchen, complete with shoes and other miscellanea on the floor. Wow, huh?
I have so far been able to conjure up at least 10 different rooms from that very same spot.
The most common form this room takes is a dining room. Whenever we want to eat our dinner, the dining room appears, complete with table and chairs. Some times the room transforms into a room for art classes. It comes complete with cubbies for things such as glue and scissors, and paper for drawing flazzoiters. Once in awhile it changes into an art studio where there is much nicer art supplies such as prismacolor pencils and light tables. It has been known, especially on weekends when the kids are over, to be a game room. The game room is always stocked with the essentials... games, snacks, and the occasional paper towels to clean up root beer spews from laughing too hard. The room once became a kingdom in a far away place, complete with a newspaper castle. Another time the room became a bedroom, furnished with a bed, nightstands and two happy grandparents. The room sometimes appears as a sewing room, complete with tissues to wipe the tears from laughing so hard at things like inside out bean bags. During the holidays, the room changes into a staging room, full of baskets and bags of goodies to hand out to friends and neighbors. And even once, a long long time ago, it was a skating rink! I am sure there are many more transformations, but for now I am going to go and clean up the temporary food storage room so my husband can use the room for an office to pay the bills.
So you see? My home is a magical castle.