Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Chatter

Well we solved the giraffe infestation. We wrangled them all up, and the let them loose on unsuspecting victims. Muhahaha It was dark, we were attacked by all sorts of hobgoblins, and fairy folk. We took our giraffes and tossed them into their magic rucksacks, which made them run. Occasionally we were plagued by the same hobgoblins, but we were lucky enough to have plenty of giraffe ammo. We are now trying to translate their elfish language. Each time they would attack, they all yelled the same thing "trunkortreat". I am thinking it translates into "We are the Borg, prepare to be assimilated", or maybe just "Give Me"? I don't know, as long as it doesn't mean "To Serve Man" I am okay with it.
The loneliness of being a empty-nester Bishop's wife is getting to me! There is only so much you can say to the dog until she starts snoring. At least she keeps all my deep dark secrets, like the array of chicken suits I have in the back of my closet. My favorite is the neon green one with the little purple and yellow polka dots. Could you do me a favor? If you are reading this blog, can you post a comment? Just don't let anyone know about the chicken suits, it will be our secret. Thanks!